MMF has wide variety of production lines spread across its manufacturing locations. MMF is leading manufacturer of closed die hot forgings. All our forging lines are equipped with state of the art billet temperature control mechanisms. MMF boasts of wide variety of production lines to cater to satisfy the variety of customer needs. MMF has automated high speed production lines and also can take parts with small batch sizes. MMF intends to be “One stop shop” for the customers closed die forging requirements.

Mechanical forging presses of 1600T to 8000T capacity forms the backbone of MMF manufacturing capability. MMF produces wide variety of components in the weight range of 100 grams to 120 kilo grams for Passenger cars, Commercial vehicles and other industries.
MMF has several production lines of CNC forging machines, Hydraulic presses, Pneumatic hammers and drop hammers to cater to the diverse requirements of closed die forgings.

Availability and Productivity of the forging equipments is the key to sustainability. Production is monitored using state of the art online production monitoring system. Periodic maintenance is carried out on a systematic manner to continuously improve the availability and productivity of the production lines.

Our forging lines are supported by various types of billet cutting equipments which include saw cutting machines, shearing machines, circular saw machines and high speed shearing machines. Raw material bars of input sections from 10mm diameter to 200mm diameter can be cut to accurate lengths and weights as required.

MMF has implemented ERP based system for FIFO of material from incoming storage to dispatch. This provides end to end traceability of the components.

MMF manufactures forgings in 3 locations in the state of Tamilnadu. The first plant was started in 1974 in the town of Singampunari with drop hammer forgings. This has quickly to the press forgings in the beginning of 1990’s to CNC controlled machines in 2000’s. Currently MMF has a established capacity of 100,000 Metric Tonnes per annum.