Heat Treatment

Heat treatment of the part is very important to the quality of the forgings. MMF is capable to heat treat parts as per the requirements of the customers.

MMF has the following heat treatment facilities:

Hardening and tempering
Control cooling
Case carburizing
Induction hardening

Hardening furnaces has the option to use the quench medium of water, polymer or oil based on the customer and product requirements.

Facilities include several oil fired furnace, Gas fired furnaces, Electrical furnaces and Seal Quench furnaces. All our forging plants are equipped with adequate heat treatment facility. All the heat treatment furnaces are calibrated and certified as per the requirements on a regular basis.

MMF is equipped with state of the art metallographic and microscopic material inspection requirements to ensure the quality of heat treatment process. All the plants have inspection facilities for the following:

Spectro analyzer
Image analyzer
Universal testing machine
Impact testing machine
Rockwell / Brinell hardness testing machine
Digital hardness checking machine
Salt spray test chamber

MMF labs is the nodal centre for incoming material qualifications as well as certification of the outgoing material quality for metallurgical parameters.