MMF boasts of state of the machining capability in all of manufacturing locations.

MMF’s foray in to machining started in 1998, when MMF acquired “Gears India” in Chennai and started machining operations. The machining operations were merged into Plant-4 in Chennai to become the first integrated forge and machine shop in Chennai.

With continuous improvement in process design and focus in product development, our machining portfolio grew as more and more customers were looking for machined parts.“Quality in parts and processes” is the backbone of the organization. As the requirements for machined parts grew, we started machining units in all our manufacturing units.

We currently have more than 300 VMC’s, CNC’s and SPM’s spread across our manufacturing locations. MMF has a battery of state of the art Special purpose machines for machining of front axle beams.MMF has established 4 lines for machining knuckles for commercial vehicle segment.

“DVS Industries” – a 100% subsidiary of MMF is a specialist in crankshaft machining located in Pant Nagar, Uttarakhand. DVS industries have the capacity to do 30k crankshafts a month for commercial vehicle and tractor industry. The range of crankshafts starts from 2 cylinder and can do up to 6 cylinder crankshafts.